• Children playing on the floor

    English and Spanish Education

    Children learn a language and a culture as well.
  • Bears Classroom

    Rooms designed for each appropriate age group

  • Smiling on the playground

    For all children ages 2-5

  • Monkey's Classroom

    Learning filled classrooms


We are accepting applications for 2-5 years old! 515-242-0225

1 Why Choose Us?

Bilingual Education

Bi-lingual Education

Your child will be introduced to Spanish and English at a time critical in developing advanced language skills in their lives.

Culturally Affirming

Culturally Affirming

We are a premier Latino educational facility that specializes in teaching and providing experiences that embrace Hispanic cultures.

Front of the Conmigo building

Located in Des Moines

We are conveniently located at 828 Scott Ave, just 5-10 minutes from downtown Des Moines, Iowa. Open for care from 6:30am – 5:30pm.

2 Our Program

Our education program features components you won’t see anywhere else, including:

  • Bilingual teachers with education degrees.
  • Parent/teacher conferences held twice a year.
  • Incorporate the Spanish language and culture into our program.
  • Affordable tuition rates.
  • A convenient downtown location.
Iowa Quality Rating System - Level 5 Rating

3 Are You Interested?

Don’t wait to get your child enrolled. If you have a two year old, or child that is about to turn two – then contact us today to find out how to get your child learning today!